Catholic Jewelry and Rosaries

Thank you for visiting Gail's Designs. We invite you to browse through our store to find elegant, graceful jewelry and exquisite artisan rosaries. Whether you are buying that special gift for another or for yourself, you will find that these treasured pieces will surely stand the test of time, to be enjoyed from one generation to the next. Each piece is handmade in the U.S.A. Gail's Designs is a member of the Catholic Marketing Network, therefore her pieces are sold in stores and web sites throughout the United States and Canada! 


"When I bought the lovely vintage pearl and crystal bracelet a few weeks ago, it was to give to my mother for Mother’s Day. We got together today and I gave it to her. She is beside herself with how much she loves it! I was so excited to give it to her.
And the St. Francis bracelet I had ordered before was for my sister, who is enthralled by it! –Alexandra E."

'Excellent jewelry'

I bought a piece very similar to this, but St. Ghrislain, and later had three other stretch bracelets made to complement it. The jewelry has held up and survived two babies and one toddler (for now), the youngest is about to become a toddler. My seven and five year olds love to look and try to find "Earth" in the stones and make up other planetary names. So the bracelets also work on another level if you have creative children. I love Gail's work! –Cindy O.

I just received my bracelet! Wow!! It's so beautiful, better that I imagined! –Belinda

The necklace and rosary are beautiful, and it is very obvious how well made they are; they are sure to be treasured for a lifetime.  Thank you again.–Bob H.